Toyota Corolla 2020 Price in Pakistan


Toyota Corolla 2020 was manufactured in Pakistan by the Indus Motor Company. Corolla GLI 2020 new model is met with great demand by the consumers. The most well-known model among its competitor and even best among Toyota models in Pakistan. Corolla is one of the cars which are met with great demand and people actually wait anxiously for its models. Toyota Corolla 2020 is accessible in 4 variants Toyota Corolla XLi, Toyota Corolla GLi, Toyota Corolla GLi Automatic, Toyota Corolla 1.6 and Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8. Toyota Corolla 2020 cost in Pakistan range from Rs. 2,590,000 To 3,899,000.

GLI new model 2020 price in Pakistan is certainly less than other variants. Since Corolla GLI manual 2020 aims to deliver little more than basic yet not a luxury. GLI 1.3 VVTi 2020 model price in Pakistan is PKR. 2,769,000 for the manual model. On the other hand, Toyota Corolla GLI  1.3 VVTi 2020 price in Pakistan is PKR. 2,869,000 for the automatic variant.

Comparing with its competitors in the market,  Corolla GLI manual 2020 price in Pakistan is kept quite in check. Neither the price is too high in comparison to competitor nor too low, Corolla GLI manual 2020 certainly has competitor pricing. On the other hand,  Toyota Corolla release date in Pakistan is no surprise. The cars have been spotted on the roads for a while now and getting hands on one is not difficult at all. Moreover,  Corolla GLI is even available in the market for resale.




Corolla GLI specifications and features are advanced and in check with technology. Aside from being a modern car which is spacious and luxurious, the remote key option is the icing on the cake. Just like Honda, one can unlock the car from distance and has power locking options. Adding on, power window options remain valid in Toyota Corolla 2020 GLI. Toyota GLI 2020 in Pakistan comes with seat belt options both in front and for back passengers.

The air back options exist for both the passengers in front provided the seat belts are intact. Toyota Corolla GLI 2020 in Pakistan full fills all the basic requirements for its customers. The power windows, a.c. options and fine interior makes the car stand apart. Furthermore, Toyota Corolla GLI other specifications include armrest and cup holders, making every moment in the car worthwhile. Power windows, soft-touch padding, and multiple information displays make the car comfort ride. However, Toyota Corolla GLI specification does not include navigation options.

Toyota Corolla GLI colors

toyota corolla 2020

Corolla GLI colors are also quite a few. Indus Motor Company has launched the car in various color options. It is available in white, attitude black, silver metallic, grey graphite, strong blue and bronze mica.

Toyota Corolla 2020 Exterior

Corolla GLI exterior highlights a shiny body, more in check with modern-day requirements. The front of Corolla GLI has sleek, clear halogen headlights. The fancy looking, exaggerated front grills with chrome coating and a trapezium air consumption. The backside of Corolla GLI has a new design as well.  The car has smooth, sharp and bright taillights. All variants of the Corolla 2020 are indeed attractive. Corolla GLI has attractive features which makes it distinguishable from its competitors.

Toyota Corolla GLI Engine

toyota corolla 2020

Moreover, Corolla GLI is available in 1.3 Liter option. The engine of the car is DOHC 16 Valve, VVT-I 85bhp@6000RPM. Corolla GLI can easily offer decent mileage. Corolla GLI mileage is between 12kmpl to 16kmpl making it good to drive in the city. Corolla GLI manual is available in 5-speed transmission. Furthermore, the top speed of Corolla GLI is good enough. Corolla GLI top speed is around 180km/h.

Toyota Corolla GLI competitors

The competitors of Corolla GLI can be none other than Honda Civic 2020, Honda City Aspire. Also, Suzuki Liana and Toyota Prius can be considered as indirect competitors of Corolla GLI.

By no surprise, Corolla GLI is a flawless beauty designed for the upper middle class. The audience which looks for more than something stylish yet want to keep cost in check.

Corolla Gli is a perfect combination of comfort, lavishness, and style. Bringing you one of the best cars for your entire family. The new 2020 model has a number of features of its past variant. However, it has additionally brought some charming changes. Adding variety and unique features to the exterior along with few extravagance highlights. Making Corolla GLI stand out and a prominent vehicle.

Corolla GLi will keep you totally indulged when you take a ride in it. The Toyota Corolla Gli cost appears to be very sensible for all the features and specifications. Offering true value for money. Additionally, pleasant seats and sufficient leg space make Toyota’s new car an ideal vehicle for long journeys.


Corolla  GLI is a vehicle good for the entire family. Although the price can be looked upon to be little high as the company did raise the pricing bar. However, one cannot forget the depreciating value of Pakistani rupee. Therefore, one cannot complain much about the price. On the contrary, the car does have many great features.

The technological improvements and innovations have been brought in the car, making the car alluring. The interior of the car is quite spacious, comfortable and has to offer a luxurious life. The car is suitable for long drives and short drives both. Corolla GLI is a car which offers a number of modern specifications and is a safe drive. Corolla GLI offers security, extravagance, and style. The 2020 model of GLi is exactly what you require. These added features make Corolla GLi significantly more desirable for every single potential purchase

toyota corolla 2020

toyota corolla 2020

toyota corolla 2020

toyota corolla 2020

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