Suzuki Wagon R vxl 2020 Price in Pakistan


 The increasing urbanization and the increased need for transport have resulted in manufacturers introducing more and more small cars. The small cars not only offer hassle-free, smooth ride in areas with heavy traffic but it’s convenient to park. Moreover, the capacity is the same as the big cars of five people. This could be one of the reasons that Suzuki Pakistan is coming up with the number of small cars. Suzuki Wagon R 2020 is one of the cars from Pak Suzuki that have been on the market since 1993. First of its kind with a tall boy or tall wagon design.

The demand for Wagon R has always been high. The main reason why Pak Suzuki never stopped manufacturing Wagon R, coming up with a new model every other year. Wagon R new model 2020 has been introduced and it’s taking the market by storm. Wagon R Japanese made is a strong and durable vehicle. It is designed in such a way that its quite spacious and can fit big/small families. Therefore, it’s a perfect family vehicle.

In comparison to previous models, wagon r 2020 model in Pakistan has same tall wagon design. The company has followed the previous shape of the vehicle but obviously, modifications have been made. The price of this car is something which one does not need to worry much about. Wagon R 2020 price in Pakistan depends upon the Suzuki Wagon R variant one is choosing.Wagon R is available in three options,Wagon R VX, VXR and Pak  Wagon R VXL 2020.

Wagon R VX is more of the basic car where luxury is certainly not the question. The price of Wagon R VX is PKR.850,000.Wagon R VXR price is PKR.1,605,000. Moreover, Wagon R automatic price in Pakistan 2020 also known as Wagon R VXL is PKR. 1,695,000. Adding on, in case you are looking for extended warranty be prepared to pay an extra of PKR. 6400.

Suzuki Wagon R Exterior

Exterior wise all variants of  Wagon R look alike, there are minor differences which are hard to spot. In comparison to previous models, Suzuki Pakistan is following the same old shape of Wagon. This tall boy shape has managed to give unique look to Wagon R but at the same time, it has turned many people away from it. Since the number of potential consumers even believe that the tall boy, van type appearance makes Wagon R less attractive.

Few of the changes which have been made to Wagon R 2020 includes the overall modernized design of Wagon R. Along with front bumper front under spoiler was given under the grill. The newest addition is the fog lamps which gives Wagon R attractive look. Door visors have been added to protect windows against extreme conditions even against the scorching heat.

Exterior wise all variants of Wagon R look alike, there are minor differences which are hard to spot. For instance, alloy wheel caps are given in all three variants but the type of wheel cap differs. Wagon R VX has wheel cap with minimal support, VXR has a center cap and VXL has full wheel cap. Moreover, outside colored door handles are only present in VXL other variants have black door handles. The colored bumpers are absent in Wagon R VX.

Suzuki Wagon R vxl 2020 Interior

Wagon R is quite spacious from the inside. It may look like a compact car but it is not, perfect to fit 5/6 people easily. The interior of the car has been modified to meet the taste of modern young generation looking for style. All the variants are given power steering and covered gear. The presence of cabin light and assist grips makes the ride little comfortable. Moreover, one can enjoy drinks on the go as the front passengers have cup holder option. Followed by storage pockets on the front doors and bottle holder. The seatbelts are present for both passengers in front and rear which is a fine addition.

Since most of Suzuki small cars are missing rear seat belts option. Now let’s talk about the real comfort parts, temperature management. Suzuki Wagon R all variants are available with heater option.  However, the a.c option is not available in Suzuki Wagon R VX only. Wagon R VX owners will not even have an audio option.

The other two variants do have audio options, but the speaker type certainly varies. However, automatic gear, electric windows, central car locking and security alarm options are only present Suzuki Wagon R VXL. Overall good spacious and comfortable interior with relaxing seats. Yet one thing is the height of seats is quite low to the ground. It may work as a plus point for few and maybe a negative for others.

Suzuki Wagon R Engine

All the variants of  Wagon R are sound with Euro ii technology, protecting yours and your family health. Also, this is now the standard set by the Pakistan Standard Quality Control Authority (PSQCA). Wagon R has K10B engine which offers 998cc displacement. Suzuki Wagon R fuel consumption is efficient due to its engine. Along with such engine, the oil change requirements go up to 10,000km.

The number of valves is DOHC 12 valves. Considering the Suzuki Wagon R VX specification it has maximum torque power of 90/1500(nm/rpm). The expected Suzuki Wagon R mileage is rough of 15kmpl inside the city.

Suzuki Wagon R vxl 2020 Colors

There are many Suzuki Wagon R colors Pakistan. The company is offering a total of seven colors. The colors include pearl red, phoenix red, graphite grey, silky silver, s.pearl black, solid white and sandy beige.


Suzuki Wagon R does appear to be a decent car. Good to fulfill the transport needs. However, there are few of Wagon R problems including the price range being little high. On the contrary, it offers a smooth ride and Wagon R VXL for sale is readily available in the market. Therefore, purchasing and maintaining this car is not an issue.

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