Suzuki Swift 2020 Price in Pakistan


The transport condition in Pakistan is getting worst day by day. Although the government has launched a couple of transport programs in Punjab and few in Karachi, yet people are hesitant. Therefore, people are still not willing to rely on public transports completely. Preferring to have their own mode of transport which is comfortable, convenient and up to your taste.

This is one of the reasons that the number of private transport in the country is on a continuous rise. Swift which was actually introduced in the market back in 1983 was a real hit. After that, a number of models of Suzuki Swift have been launched. The most recent addition to  Swift series is Suzuki swift 2020 Pakistan. A compact, stylish and attractive vehicle, finely designed to meet the taste of the urban population. No doubt that Suzuki Swift Pakistan is equally good for functioning in villages. However, it is a small car due to which it is best to use this car within the city or village.

Considering the new and old models, obviously way too much of modifications are made. Moving on, Suzuki Swift Pakistan has two variants are available in the market. Swift Automatic and Swift DLX, both of these variants are expected to be available with the navigation option.

Suzuki swift new model 2020 price in Pakistan is reasonable considering the number of new features and specifications it is offering. Swift 2020 launch date in Pakistan is not confirmed but it is expected to be in September this year. Swift car price in Pakistan will be somewhere around the previous model. The company does not aim to jump too high in the matter of pricing, keeping it affordable for the target market. Suzuki Swift 2020 model price in Pakistan will be approximately around PKR. 1,995,000 to PKR. 2,140,000.


Swift 2020 is given the modern and aggressive appearance in comparison to the previous model. The most prominent change is headlights which are now bigger and slightly different in appearance. Furthermore, the grill in front is now more widespread and differently designed. The car wheel caps are given unique design as well which distinguish it from the model earlier. Other Swift specifications in the exterior include a different design of the car rear.

The back windshield of Swift in indeed beautiful giving the car alluring look. Since the back windshield is exaggerated. Along with the viper addition at the back windshield. The car hatchback appearance is still there but it is given a uniquely different design. It’s not a typical hatchback. Overall the exterior of the car is neatly and beautifully done. However, again there is not any out of the box modification made to Swift. One may easily get confused between the new and previous model

Suzuki Swift 2020 Colors

Just like previous models, the new Swift is also made available in numerous colors. Approximately the new model will be marketed in six colors. Swift colors include pearl red, graphite grey, solid white, silky silver, sand beige, and phoenix red. Certainly, there will be least one color at least that will make space in your heart.

Suzuki Swift Interior Features

Since the modifications have been made to the exterior, therefore the interior has been improved as well. Swift 2020 interior is now more modern and chic. Swift is perfect for five passengers in total. The car is given a spacious interior with seat belt options both in front and rear. The use of plastic trims in the black color is still there just like previous models. Moreover, Swift will be available in automatic and manual transmission.

The automatic Swift 2020 has 4-speed gear transmission whereas the manual has 5-speed gear transmission.  The option of a.c and heater is assumed to be there in all the variants. Along with central locking option. The car cabin is further made attractive by the use of the silver coating on steering, gearbox and on the center console. The speedometer is now improved, having a TFT color display which is easy to read during driving. Adding on, the cup holder options exist with a comfortable seat and enough leg space. Making the Suzuki Swift 2020 a comfortable ride even when covering long distances.

Suzuki Swift 2020 Engine Specs

Swift 2020 is given a powerful engine with 4 in-line cylinders. Moreover, it is given a booster jet 1-liter engine and KB12 engine. This engine offers fuel efficiency and increases the life of fuel change, requiring one to change fuel of 10000km. The displacement of Suzuki Sift is estimated to be around 1000cc.

Suzuki Swift Mileage

The car is anticipated to offer the same mileage as the previous model. Suzuki Swift mileage is anticipated to be roughly around 15kmpl.

The Competitor

Suzuki Swift is not the first car of its kind. There are other manufacturers in the market ready to give cut throat competition to Swift 2020. Considering the cars which can give direct competition to  Swift 2020 includes Aqua and Vitz by  Toyota. Also, the competition is expected from Honda Fit and Suzuki Ignis.

Suzuki Swift Full Specifications

Suzuki Swift is given maximum torque power of 118//4400 (Nm/ rpm). The engine type is expected to be DOHC with 16 number of valves. The maximum output is 90/6000 (kW/rpm). Swift top speed is anticipated to be approximately around 130mph.


Suzuki Swift 2020 is an attractive car. The car has all the specifications and features which may be desired by its targeted market. It’s a safe car since safety is kept as a priority and it’s a spacious car. However, the car does come with a few drawbacks. Firstly, not much has been changed in terms of car technical features in comparison to the previous model. Moreover, the price of the car is a little high. Considering the fact one will be needing to pay extra if looking for an extended warranty. The final verdict is that Swift 2020 is a beautiful car and is sound in specifications. The car is certainly not going to be a disappointment in the long run, promising to be durable and of high quality.

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