Super Power Deluxe 70cc 2020 Price Pakistan


Whenever we are talking about Pirani Group super power motorcycles. We are certainly talking about innovation, quality, and style. None of the super power bikes coming from the company turned out to be a disappointment. Also, all of them have reasonable prices for what they are providing. Even in comparison to their direct competitors. Pirani group another great innovation is super power 70cc deluxe.  super power deluxe 70cc is all about stylish looks and technical reliability at an economical price. super power deluxe 70cc 2020 Model Price Pakistan is PKR. 60000

About the Company

Pirani Group of companies is among those companies which have made all the advance and imported technologies easily available. Not only for its own operations but also for its subsidiary companies. This is the reason that the motorcycles launched by the company are not only effective but efficient as well. Pirani group were always focused towards meeting the increasing demand for motorcycles in the area.  Particularly the demand for transport with style among the youth. Acing the art of customer satisfaction gaining the reputation of a prestigious brand in the eyes of its consumers. Pirani group is not among those companies which exist just to do business. They focus on delivering value for money to their customers. This is one of the major reasons that people wait for their products anxiously.

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The company is popular among all levels of generations but they have gained particular popularity among the youngsters. Mainly due to two reasons, they are not only providing stylish motorcycles but at an affordable price. Making it easier for the young adults to purchase the motorcycle. In future, if the spare parts are required or anything needs to be replaced. Pirani group further make things easier by locating their original dealers near you through their website.

Super Power Deluxe 70cc Specifications

Super Power Deluxe engine is similar to most of the bikes available in the market. Having 4 Stroke OHC, Single-Cylinder engine which is air cooled. Having displacement of 78cm3. The bore and stroke of a bike are 47.0 x 41.4 mm. The bike has CDI electronic ignition. With wet plate clutch type. However, this is a most common clutch type but it adds comfort for riders. Superpower deluxe 70cc have regular body frame. Having backbone-type frame. Although the company claims its stronger than regular bikes. The bike has huge headlights and battery. Also, super power deluxe 70cc is given attractive alloys, unlike super 70cc power 70cc. In order to add more to its appearance, graphics are added to the fuel tank with an attractive digital meter.

bigger headlights that attract the people and helps it look eye-catching. It has a comparatively bigger battery and attractive alloys. It has an attractive digital meter. Ground clearance of 135mm which is again nothing extraordinary. Petrol tank capacity is of 10litres which give an average mileage of 70kmpl. Again that is not a lot.
In conclusion, it will not be wrong to say Super Deluxe 70cc is an ordinary bike. One can get more value for money at the same price from other companies. Also, there is not much difference in Super power deluxe 70cc and superpower SP 70cc. Resale of this bike is also another concern.

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