Riding Tips for Motorcyclist


Some people think that a motorbike rider is unsafe may be due to its vulnerable nature. However, this notion seems to be wrong as bike riding tips is not unsafe unless bike rider ride is safely following rules and regulations with safety gear.

Bike Rider Should Be Visible

Bike Riders should be visible by wearing highly visible protective gears, so others can easily see his / her motorbike. Similarly, the riding position of motorbikers should be taken care of, as most of the drivers unable to view the motorbike rider. Therefore, a motorcyclist should allow enough space for the car driver or truck driver to see the motorbike rider inside from their vehicle.

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Speed & Braking Riding Tips

Over Speeding is the major root cause of motorcycle accidents. Most of the bike riders tend to ride their motorcycles at a very high speed. Hence failed to react immediately during the emergency situation, resulting in lethal deadly accidents. Moreover, the over-speeding also create hurdle in braking at the time of emergency.


As discussed above, Over-speeding is a major cause of bike accidents. However, most of the accidents occur at the junctions. Therefore, bike riders should be extra cautious at junctions.


Overtaking on a motorbike can be dangerous than any other vehicle due to its vulnerable nature, and it can not be ideally spotted by other vehicles. Hence a motorbike rider has to be extra vigilant while overtaking. Moreover, the rider should avoid overtaking near junctions or side roads.

Safety Gears

Protective Gear is the key and important factor for the bike rider to protect rider life. bike gears includes standard approved safety gloves, jackets, and helmet. Hence it is pre-requisite for all bike riders to review and check the standards require for helmets, gloves, and jackets.

Pillion Riding Tips

Pillion riding on a motorbike is always great fun, especially with friends. One might become a bit careless when riding with a friend. Therefore, the bike rider should also be careful during pillion riding and also force their colleagues to wear a helmet.  

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