Honda CG 125 2020 Specifications


Honda CG125 2020 is the most recent expansion in the rundown of bikes created by the Atlas Honda. With respect to the customers, there are enough reasons for you to trust Honda CG 125 2020. Right off the bat, it is the brand of Atlas Honda. This fact alone should be enough for a potential buyer since it is the most sought-after brand. Additionally, it is a symbol of energy, style, and flawlessness. Most importantly, as mentioned earlier there are more Honda bikes than any other brand on the streets in Pakistan. It signifies the trust Honda has created among the general public.

Talking about the specifications, Honda 125 bikes have generally the best engines. Honda CG 125 specifications include an effective 4 stroke motor which has OHV tech. Besides, it has Euro 2 tech too which makes it exceptionally fuel financial along with 125cc displacement. Moreover, Honda CG 125 specifications are far more grounded and quicker than most of Honda bikes in the market. Furthermore, the strong motor makes the Honda CG 125 a powerful drive on the streets.

Honda CG 125 Specifications 2020

The Honda CG 125 has a 125cc engine with OHV technology. Also, it has a bright illuminating front light. Additionally, the Honda CG 125 likewise has in vogue designs alongside an appealing new petroleum tank. Besides, Honda CG 125 specifications include a sleek speed meter and newly designed unique lights. Other than that, the Honda 125 also has an extremely comfortable and spacious seat. The passenger seat is secure with a safety bar to make sure one enjoy the sound ride. The 4 stroke motor of the Honda CG 125 emits less smoke taking care of the environment and the rider. Without a doubt, Honda CG 125 specifications are designed with fair research and are exceptionally smart.

Of course, the Honda CG 125 4-stroke motor gives an effective drive. Also, it has 14-Horse Power, which comes about because of the Japanese innovation. This additionally makes the rider sure and excited. However, this definitely might raise some concern about fuel consumption. Arguably, one would believe that it would cost more as you require more power for the engine. Contrary to that, the most recent Japanese innovation has dealt with it efficiently and it won’t cost you increasingly.

The petroleum tank limit of the Honda 125 is 9.2 liters. Besides, the wheelbase of the 125 Honda is 1201 mm. Additionally, the Honda CG 125 has around freedom of 140 mm. CG 125’s front tire measure is 2.50 – 18.4 PR, though the back wheel is 3.00 – 17.6 PR. Then again, Honda CG 125 has a dry weight of 99kgs, giving it a persistent ride on the streets. The height of the Honda 125 is 771 mm. Actually, the Honda CG 125 gives approximately 50 km for each liter. Hence, it will not be wrong to say that Honda CG 125 specifications are exceptional. Adding on, the bike

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