Crown Jazba 70 2020 Specifications & Features


Have you been thinking about buying Crown Jazba 70? If yes, then you need to, first of all, be learning about the main features being part of this vehicle.  Crown has been known as one of the most growing companies inside the market of Pakistan. The best in terms of offering with the high quality of the bikes for the people of Pakistan. They do add their bikes as best with the designing terms and high quality in terms of the features and material finishing too. Although it is one of the smallest companies in the market about bikes still it has made a reputable place and standard.

They are known for their product of “Crown Bikes” most of them all. In 2019 they have came up with the launch of their Crown Jazba 70 that is simply turning out to be the main attraction of the marketplaces. Let’s give a quick look to its features now!

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High Popularity of CR 70

Crown jazba 70 new model 2020 in Pakistan has been all put together with the features of 78 CC kick-starter form of the engine. But you will be finding it getting all added with the sound fuel tank. it has a capacity of about 9.5 Liters. You will even be finding it as getting all featured upon with the electronic CDI ignition. It has been rather set with the dry weight that is about 82 kg.

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Why You Should Choose Jazba 70?

Below we will be discussing some of the Crown 70 specifications for you.

  • This bike has been rather put together with the advance level of the features. That simply makes it an art to come across.
  • It has been all put with the provision of the 4 stroke air cooled cylinder engine.
  • It has the body type that is looking so attractive with the varied taste of the backbone-type frame.
  • You will be finding it to be all settled with the medium of the wet type multi-plate clutch system.
  • Furthermore, the dimensions of the Crown 70 are so outstanding. It is all coming across in the set of the 2 variations.
  • It has been readily made accessible into the 70 cc powerful engine with the classic form of the designing impact inside it.

Crown Jazba 70 2020 Price in Pakistan

Crown jazba 70 2020 price in Pakistan around Rs. 49,000. It is so affordable to purchase around.

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